B.Sc in (Animation
and Visual Effects)

Explore the realm of animation by showcasing behind-the-scenes footage and interviews with skilled animators. Emphasize the impact of animation in education by producing informative and engaging animated videos on a variety of topics.

Ravi Sarin Film Institute

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RSFI Institute Offer B.Sc Degree In
(Animation and Visual Effects)

Start a creative journey with our B.Sc. in Animation and Visual Effects.
This comprehensive three-year program immerses you in digital artistry,
teaching you to create stunning visuals and dynamic animations.RSFI
Institute of Animation, you'll gain expertise in industry-standard software
and techniques, collaborate on innovative projects, and prepare for global
animation and visual effects. Turn your passion into a
profession and bring stories to life.
Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Key Learnings

  • Different types of Animation Film Making
  • Importance of Shapes, Colors and Types in Graphic Design
  • Create Web based designs and portfolios
  • Generating 2D and 3D animation digitally
  • Understanding scripting and storyboarding
  • Exploring intricate features of Animation and VFX
Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Course Projects

Project 1

Creating an object, landscape & pattern drawing

Project 2

Scripting and storyboarding for 2D short film

Project 3

Creating animated 2D advertisement

Project 4

Creating motion graphics for Broadcast Media

Project 5

Inorganic and organic modeling and texturing

Project 6

Integrating live action footage

Ravi Sarin Film Institute

Our Syllabus

  • Acquiring knowledge of various construction techniques used to develop concept characters in animation.
  • Learning to observe different shapes, forms, and materials of the objects in the real world.
  • Understanding the various creative and digital technologies used in the field of animation.
  • Learning to generate character model sheets for animation production.
  • Defining the use of vector graphics design, raster graphics design, illustrations, and digital imaging.
  • Learning to produce web graphics and web animations.
  • Learning to produce different aspects of print media design and publication design.

  • Exposure to scriptwriting and storyboarding.
  • Interpreting the role of planning and layout designing.
  • Introduction to 2D animation.
  • Exploring the techniques of drawing and painting techniques.
  • Introduction to digital video production and workflow.
  • Interpreting, capturing, importing, and managing footage.
  • Recognizing the different forms of motion graphics.
  • Defining the role of digital marketing.

The early years of Indian cinema through screening, discussions and reviews.

  • Developing strong proficiency in 3D product design and 3D architectural visualization.
  • Getting trained on the creative aspects of scene compositions in animation.
  • Generating character model sheets for animation production.
  • Learning to interpret 3D modeling workflow.
  • Learning to apply tools and techniques in texturing.
  • Understanding how to build skeletons and customized attributes of the characters.
  • Learning about simulation and effects in 3D Visualization.

  • Introduction to the different cultures and art forms.
  • Understanding the essence of religions, history, political theories, beliefs, and language.
  • Exploring Iranian, French, Latin and Korean cinema.
  • Screening, discussions, and reviews of the films.
  • Learning individually to direct and produce 10-12 minutes short films.
  • Developing a sense of selecting the right location, conceiving 3D visuals.
  • Developing the feel and look of each frame.
  • Learning to supervise the d├ęcor and sticking to budget allocation.

  • Exploring the use of the character animation toolkit.
  • Creating animation with motion capture data.
  • Learning to produce crowd simulation.
  • Understanding the advantage of layerbased animation.
  • Exploring the usage of HumanIK system and MotionCapture technique.
  • Learning about different techniques in camera tracking and match moving.
  • Learning to develop Live and CG Integration VFX shots.

  • Improving employability by developing a strong portfolio based on individual skillsets.