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Placement Overview

Placement Overview

The purpose of RSFI Corporate Interactive Division is
to get their students placed in the most reputed organizations so that they can have a fathtfuly career in the field of their interest.

RSFI serves as more than just a center for film studies; it functions as a space for students to go beyond traditional teaching approaches and realize their complete capabilities. We prioritize hands-on, practical learning, offering aspiring filmmakers genuine chances to grow. Over the past Twenty-Five years, RSFI has successfully combined deep cultural engagement with exceptional academic excellence, attracting a wide range of enthusiastic individuals keen on delving into the realm of cinema.
The career development center at RSFI is leading the way in developing innovative learning, growth, and training programs tailored for the next generation of creative professionals. Our main aim is to build trust with our recruitment partners and enhance their businesses by providing them with top talent in various sectors such as media, entertainment, fashion, animation, performing arts, hospitality, travel, and tourism. These individuals are carefully groomed and trained at our institute to become invaluable assets in their respective fields.

Our Placement Process


Enroll yourself with the placement cell

Career Planning

Career map is formulated based on your academic accomplishments


Sessions to cultivate the appropriate aptitude and skill set

Personal Development

Sessions for enhancing your personality

Skill Assessment

Preparation through Pre-placement discussions and written assessments

Mock Interviews

Simulated interviews as a component of career counseling

Final Placement

Concluding ON or Off Campus interview.

RSFI Top Recruiters

RSFI Salient Features

  • We prioritize practical knowledge and provide chances for aspiring filmmakers to turn their dreams into reality.
  • RSFI has been merging extensive cultural immersion with academic superiority for 30 years, enticing students.
  • RSFI offers an environment where film studies extend beyond conventional teaching approaches, empowering students to uncover their full potential.
  • We prioritize practical knowledge and provide avenues for aspiring filmmakers to realize their aspirations.

Our Alumni


Luv Ranjan

Producer & Director


Surabhi Horo

Creative Director


Abhinav Sarin

Associate Director


Deepak Kalra

Music Artist

RSFI talks and interviews

  • RSFI conducts discussions and interviews with potential candidates.
  • It also organizes events such as pre-placement talks, written tests, interviews, and group discussions.
  • Placement C provides state-of-the-art infrastructure for companies visiting the campus.
placement Section

RSFI 2023 Placements Students

Placement Team

The dedicated placement team at RSFI is committed
to enhancing students' career prospects by continually
adapting to industry needs and providing relevant
training and growth opportunities. RSFI's Placement
Cell is making a valuable contribution to the development and success of its students.

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Mrs. Neerja Dayal

Head of Department, Corporate Interactive Division


Mrs. Nidhi Ahuja

Head of Department, Corporate Interactive Division


Mr. Bhasker Mishra

Head of Department, Corporate Interactive Division

What we offer


Hiring partners



Approx +250



Years of education experience


Celebrity Interaction


Successful Alumni

Internship Programs

The Placement Cell coordinates internal training sessions and internship programs to offer our students a comprehensive insight into the operations of the corporate world. Internships play a crucial role in enhancing students' self-assurance, challenging them to step out of their comfort zones, and encouraging them to excel in real-world scenarios.

  • Workshops focused on enhancing personality traits.
  • Cultivating the necessary skills and abilities.
  • Simulating interview scenarios to prepare students.
  • Providing training tailored to specific industries.
  • Help with creating polished resumes.
  • Establishing valuable professional networks.
placements Cell

Placement Seminars

The corporate interactive division of RSFI consistently arranges workshops for students to gain insight into the workings of the creative industry and stay abreast of the latest industry developments. This initiative aims to prepare young and dynamic talent for the challenges of the creative world.

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Placement Cover

Personality Development Workshop

Placement Cover

Stress Management Workshop

Placement Cover

Event Management Workshop

Placement Overview

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